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Lloyd Land Surveying Oklahoma

How much does it cost for a survey? 

What exactly are you needing to be done? For example, flagging lines for fences is more work than only setting the corners. I can help you decide what your needs are.

What are the steps to get a survey?


  1. I need to know what to survey. That requires you to provide me with a deed description. Although tax receipts may be sufficient for a quote, a deed is necessary before fieldwork begins. I can help locate your deed. If you want to survey only a portion of a larger tract, I need the larger tract description.

  2. Once I get your contact info, description and understand what your needs are, I will get a FREE QUOTE and timeframe together and send to you or call you. It may take up to a couple of days.

  3. If the quote sounds fair to you, let me know to schedule the work. I will let you know when I will try to do the fieldwork and soon after the fieldwork is completed I will begin the paperwork.

  4. Once the paperwork is completed, I will contact you for payment of the balance and provide you with the official survey plat and any digital files.


Can I get out of flood insurance?


There is a place for flood insurance. Even homes outside of the flood zones on FEMA's maps could be damaged by floodwaters.


FEMA has provided a way for Professional Land Surveyors to submit an online application to request a letter that removes a structure from the flood insurance requirement. It is called an eLOMA and stands for Electronic Letter Of Map Amendment.

Call me for details.


If you have any questions not addressed here, please call me at 918-413-5324. 



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