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Here is a list of typical survey requests:

ndary Survey - 
A survey to establish the boundaries of a tract using its legal description which typically involves the setting or restoration of monuments or markers at the corners or along the lines of the tract. A map or plat is then drafted from the field data to provide a graphical representation of the parcel surveyed showing distances to fences and other structures. Boundary surveys are typically performed to resolve property
disputes and for building fences. Easements may also be located, if requested, with this type of survey.


Loan Survey - 
This is a boundary survey required by a lending institution and will also involve locating access and improvements in addition to the property corners.


Mortgage Inspection Certificate or Mortgage Inspection Report -

A report for a lender showing the location of structures/improvements in relation to the approximate boundary lines. No boundary markers are established or placed on the ground.

Topographic Survey - 
This survey focuses on the topography, structures, drainage and utilities of the subject property. They are performed to aid in the development of property, such as parking design, building/home construction and water drainage.

Construction Staking - 
These services can include grade staking, building corner & offsets, manhole & drainage box locations, slope staking, etc.

Subdivision Design - 
A survey to help landowners determine the best number of lots to divide their parent tract into. We keep in mind the landowners development expenses as we design access and building sites on the lots.

An ALTA survey is a highly detailed boundary and improvement survey with requirements established through the combined efforts of the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM). Lenders and title insurance companies often require an ALTA survey for the sale, transfer or refinancing of apartment projects, office buildings, commercial complexes, industrial parks and residential subdivisions. This is mostly for commercial or public property.

Rock Quarry Maps - 
A set of maps required by the Oklahoma/Arkansas Department of Mines that accompanies an application for mining.

Flood Hazard Elevation Certificates  
A tool provided by FEMA for insurance agents to get the most appropriate rate for flood insurance. It must be completed by a Professional Land Surveyor. The eLOMA is an online application where, under the right circumstances, we can request removal of a structure from the flood insurance requirement. Ask me for more information. 918-413-5324

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